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To Hire for Events, Xmas Parties & Receptions


Introducing the InMotion booth, the new must-have for events and wedding receptions.

Guests enter the staged booth area where their actions are captured in stunning 4k at 120 frames per second in slow-motion.

For Hire: What do you get?

We’ll provide everything from the InMotion booth stage area to the props of your choice such as hats, outfits, glitter, confetti, bubbles, party poppers, among others; all of which add to the unique look and feel that only a slow-motion video can capture, all filmed in stunning 4k at 120 frames per second on our cinema grade film camera.

You will receive a 120Fps slow-motion video prodcution showing all clips from the booth and still shot photographs as a souvenir from your event or wedding and for sharing on social media. 

Example InMotion Still Photographs